Fitness and Discipline: What the World of Athletics can Teach us About Business and Life

Every year in January, people around the world set out on their New Year’s resolutions of weight loss and fitness. However, statistics suggest that most of us will abandon our new ‘fit’ lifestyles as early as January 17th! We’re here to offer those of you who are struggling to make good on your resolutions a little support and encouragement, and show how a commitment to health and fitness can improve not only your body but your whole life!

Crossing the Threshold: Makers in Nature’s economy

TLDR: Social entrepreneurship and impact investing - creating and investing businesses that do good and make a profit - are movements backed by $22.89 trillion dollars in assets worldwide. Nature only does business in conditions that are suitable life; we look to bio-inspired design to unlock new sources of wealth for social entrepreneurship. We turned our do-it-yourself makers mentality into an agile business and, true to our roots, we’re crowdfunding at SeedInvest so that anyone can invest in a better world.

Learning to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Climate change is one of the most daunting challenges that humanity has ever faced. Bio-inspired design creates a pathway to a regenerative future by looking to nature to solve our most daunting global challenges. NuLeaf Tech takes bio-inspired design to new heights with the circular economy by unlocking the power - and wealth - of recycled wastewater with easy to use systems that can expand to any scale.