Nature's Log: Supplemental

Impact Investment & Makers

By Jimi T Hardee

In our, “Be Your Own Hero” series on our blog, we discussed how modeling our business after the natural world and supporting impact investment and social entrepreneurship can help us to create a more equitable future. In this supplement we will show some real-world examples of these forces at work.

Nature has a lot to teach us about structuring organizations built for longevity. This article from the guardian explores how we can work to build stronger businesses and organizations by modeling them on resilient, adaptive systems in the natural world:


One key component of building resilient businesses is to ensure that your workforce exists in an environment suitable for happiness and productivity, the following pieces examine how happiness is directly linked to productivity, and how taking the bottom up approach to management can benefit a businesses employees and executives alike:

More than just creating well organized businesses, we also must creates business and organizations that support social and economic growth. Concepts like social entrepreneurship and impact investing are making progress in fostering this growth. This is particularly apparent in regions like India where investors have committed over $5.2 billion to impact investment projects since 2010.

In tandem to this, the rise of “makers” and DIY thinking is making it more possible than ever for motivated individuals to take it upon themselves to create the tools they need to improve their communities and society as a whole.


We hope you have enjoyed our “Be Your Own Hero” series. Keep an eye out in the future as we continue to explore the innovations that are helping us build a more equitable world in business and society!

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