Nature’s Log - Supplemental Stardate

By Ronnie Miller

We recently posted an article on bioinspired design and the circular economy. Biomimicry is all around us, and we wanted to share some of our favorite examples of biomimicry in the real world, as well as the increasing influence of the circular economy!


Blue Planet, a construction company, has modeled their creation of repurposed CO2 concrete from the chemical recipe of coral. Concrete is normally an extremely high footprint material!

Trehalose allows brine shrimp to remain in a dehydrated shape. But Biomatrica saw more: they’re now using this same compound to preserve vaccines, eliminating the need for refrigeration, which has caused life-threatening issues with vaccine transportation and storage.

If you’re scared of spiders, you’d be surprised when one comes to rescue you. Due to spiders’ nimbleness and ability to squeeze through tight spaces, a robot spider has been designed to help find survivors and victims of disasters.

Here at NuLeaf, we care about water scarcity, and were inspired when we heard about research based on the Stenocara beetle, a desert insect capable of drawing water from the air. There is a superhydrophylic material on its back, connected to channels that harvest water for the beetle’s sustenance.


The circular economy is on the rise too -- even in big corporations. What was once in the air may end up carrying your things as Alaska Airlines recycles their old seats to be made into purses and handbags.

Additionally, a new startup called Thread is harvesting massive amounts of plastic waste from Haiti, and converting it into usable fabric. They also collect waste and covert it into rPET flake, which can be resolwhd to companies and reused.

BioPatch, a Chilean startup, is combining both the circular economy and biomimicry, mimics the cushion plant to restore depleted soil using “helper” plants. Entire fields could be rejuvenated in this way, revitalizing the soil and increasing land reuse.

Bioinspired design and the circular economy are our future - these real-world examples prove that they’re not only feasible, but extremely beneficial!

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