Pipe Construction and MFC Progress

We’re excited to say we’ve made some good progress in the last two weeks! When we last left off we had set up our workspace and finished building the wooden base for our NuTree. You can find that post here. Our next steps were to build the pipe network for the vertical farming attachment in our system and continue work on our Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) that will power the NuTree.

Workshop and Construction

It’s been a productive few weeks for us here at NuLeaf as we have begun to spin up the gears of production for our NuTree systems! This was a great experience for the team as we all got to step out of our comfort zone and learn about the building process, and also about the tendency of sawdust to stick to everything.


We started out with a chaotic mess of a workshop (pictured below) so our first steps were to clean out the space and get it organized for construction. After a commendable effort by our whole team we were able to get everything cleared out and set up, as you can see the difference is realy night and day.





Our next step was to begin treating, sanding, and assembling the wooden bases of the NuTrees.


The end results are these hexagonal structures pictured below. These will serve as the basins for our finished NuTrees and will house our engineer wetland ecosystem and microbial fuel cells.


Our next steps will be to construct our NuTree’s pipe network that will house our hydroponics systems, and to complete our work on the microbial fuel cells that will power our devices. That’s all for now but we are exciting to continue sharing our progress and will be posting more updates soon. From all of us here at NuLeaf Tech thank you for your interest in our work.