WCS: Six Women Entrepreneurs to Pitch to Venture Capitalists and Investors at the 5th Annual WCS Talks 2018 on November 3rd, 2018

“CEOs from SINAI Technologies, Simusolar, Deep Isolation, TotalCtrl, NuLeaf Tech and Artveoli will pitch their businesses and field questions from esteemed judges from Centrica Innovations, G2VP, Energy Impact Partners, the Urban Innovation Fund.”


Hora Biotec: Rachel Major, Estados Unidos

“In the face of global issues like water scarcity, we can often find answers from the natural world. NuLeaf Tech takes inspiration from nature to build innovative water treatment solutions with the potential to relieve water pain from craft brewers to rural communities.”


VERGE Accelerate: Finalist Announcement

“NuLeaf’s NuTree makes treating and recycling water at any scale easy by mimicking wetland ecosystems. in the healthy snacks market.”


Foothill College: Foothill Alumni Take Their Startup to VERGE Accelerate

“NuLeaf Tech is currently in the midst of turning wastewater into a resource through the NuTree, a self-powered system that recycles water for reuse, recycles nutrients for micro-greens in a vertical farming attachment, and creates bio-energy. “

Synbiobeta: NuLeaf Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on SeedInvest

“NuLeaf Tech is the first to offer water treatment  & recycling on a small scale with expandable units – all with naturally occurring plants and microbes! The NuTree is a self-powered system that needs only polluted water to provide reusable water, bioenergy, and microgreens.”


Craft Brewing Business: Brewery Wastewater Treatment Startup NuTree Launches Crowdfunding Campaign.

Water solutions have remained largely unchanged for more than 100 years,  and effective water treatment is only available at a large scale. NuLeaf believes this is not only unacceptable, but that a better solution is right outside our window.

Foothill College: Foothill College’s Second Business Innovation Challenge

“First place was awarded to NuLeaf Tech, a company founded by former Foothill students Rachel Major and Ari Ochoa, who presented with current Foothill student Ronnie Miller. The group created an alternative way to purify wastewater using naturally occurring biological processes, which they incorporated in their NuTree.”


Industrial Biotech: High-Tech Ecosystems Make Water Treatment Compact, Customizable, and Beautiful

“From off-grid living to urban life, wastewater treatment technology is outdated. The largets issue is that current technology treats and releases water rather than reusing or recycling this precious resource”

Chemical & Engineering News: Tapping Sewage as a Source of Useful Materials.

“(Nuleaf’s) Nutree device, which it calls a vertical wetland, is intended to process just 2,000 L of microbrewery wastewater into liquid fertilizer each day. The technology can be scaled up by adding modules.”

Engineers Ireland.jpg

Engineers Ireland: Waste Not, Want Not: Engineering Water, Energy and Food Solutions From Nature

“Part of this year's RebelBio cohort in Cork, NuLeaf Tech uses biochemical and ecological biomimicry to turn wastewater into a resource, using engineered wetlands, microbial fuel cells and vertical farming. Rachel Major and Ari Ochoa report”


EuropaBio: NuLeaf Tech and Ynsect Bio-based Innovation Celebrated at 10th Anniversary Edition of #EFIB2017

“EFIB is now well established as the must attend EU event for cutting edge innovation in industrial biotechnology. We were delighted to honour these young innovators, from SMEs NuLeaf Tech and Ynsect at this year’s milestone edition of EFIB as incredibly inspiring examples of businesses working hard to provide renewable, biobased solutions, contributing to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,”


RebelBio: RebelBio Cohort 4 Companies Excel at Demo Day 2017

NuLeaf Tech, an American company based out of California, is led by CEO Rachel Major, an entrepreneur with degrees in biology, chemistry, and business. They are working to design bioinspired, self-powered, and compact wastewater treatment systems that reclaim resources on site with the NuTree.”


RebelBio: How synthetic biology startups are building the future: cellular agriculture

NuLeaf Tech is combining engineered mini-ecosystems with microbial plant fuel cells as part of a biologically inspired and self-powered hardware module that treats wastewater to provide clean water. And ultimately, grow food. These were the ideas that a young founder, Rachel Major, brought to the NASA Ames Advanced Studies Lab in 2015 and eventually gave rise to her startup.”


Medium: Meet the fierce female founders programming life

“By adopting existing technologies and nature’s nutrient recycling processes, Rachel and her team have pioneered an eco-friendly solution to waste treatment.

Her passion for bio-inspired engineering blossomed in 2012, wen she worked at Biomimicry 3.8, the leading biomimetic consultancy.”