Natural solutions to human problems
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The Nutree is a device that cleans wastewater using three different complementary technologies.  Engineered wetlands, aquaponics, and microbial fuel cells all use natural methods to clean dirty water.

Naturally occurring microbes break down waste products on a microscopic level.  These microbes are abundant in wetland environments, which is why wetlands are such a productive ecosystem.  These same microbes are what power a microbial fuel cell, which collects small amounts of energy from chemical reactions that break down waste.  Aquaponics takes thsese relations a step further and uses the byproducts of these reactions as a type of fertilizer to grow plants.

Combining these technologies is a revolutionary step that brings us closer to a zero waste society.


Save Water, Brew More

The craft beer market is exploding with little signs of slowing down. With more beer can come 10 times as much water, full of contaminants. The high volume and strength of brewery wastewater burdens the otherwise expanding industry with expensive fees.

The NuTree design fits for breweries that are too small for on site treatment plants, or those that want to supplement other wastewater management practices. And even if a brewery is lucky to be in a place with low water fees, a showcase NuTree can add value through  greenery or farm to table programs.


Additional Applications

The NuTree is a versatile system.  It works great with breweries, but was designed to be utilized in various sectors.  The low-space modular design and suave aesthetics help NuTrees blend in wherever they are installed.  From a cabin to a cattle farm, if you have one NuTree or twenty, they will look like they belong.  


How Can the NuTree Do So Much?

The technologies that make a NuTree work all help clean water using natural methods.  


Off-Grid and Rural Living

While living off grid can be an exciting adventure there are countless rural residents that municipal treatment facilities can’t easily service. These individuals and communities often rely on septic tanks (which don’t actually treat wastewater), or no treatment system at all.


Whether it’s an individual who has chosen to live off grid or a community in a developing nation, the NuTree can provide a local source of essential resources. It’s self-maintaining design is reliable and non-toxic, providing much needed stability and safety in remote places.


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Urban Farming and Green Cities

On the other end of the spectrum are crowded, rapidly growing cities, especially in developing nations. These areas can be laden with logistical challenges when it comes to treating and recycling waste, as well challenges in providing food and water to the people living there.


Our devices’ compact, modular nature make them perfect for addressing the food and water needs of areas where space is a concern, but growth is always on the horizon.