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Better solutions, naturally!

The NuTree

Elegance in Sustainability.

What they’re doing is groundbreaking. It will be a breakthrough in business’ pursuit for the circular economy
— Mark Hazell, Head Brewer and Co-owner at Jaw Brew

Current water treatment is so large and inflexible it takes power away from countless individuals and industries.  Water is life; water is boss. Be your own, and live better, with the NuTree.

The NuTree provides modular water systems at any scale that remove over 90% of contaminants. A single unit cycles about 350 gallons/day but it boasts compact but modular units that grow and expand cheaply and with ease to match higher-volume needs of residents and industries alike.  It’s no-fuss, low maintenance, and odorless design costs less than 10k; this expands its uses across rural areas to urban farms. All of this is achieved in a high-tech garden that uses naturally occurring plants and microbes.

The system recycles water for reuse, recycles nutrients for micro-greens in a vertical farming attachment, and creates bio-energy to make the system self-powered. Wastewater no longer has to be an annoyance but can now be a vibrant showcase of one’s commitment to sustainability.


NuTree for Breweries

Save Water, Brew More

The craft beer market is exploding. With more beer can comes high volumes of expensive to treat wastewater that burden this otherwise expanding industry. At a price point <1-10% than conventional methods, the NuTree can have an ROI of less than a year for some breweries. Even if a brewery is in a place with low water fees, a showcase NuTree can add value through greenery or farm to table programs.



Pilot Program

Are you an early adopter? Consider participating in NuLeaf's Pilot Program and you could have a NuTree operating at your brewery for less than $3,500. Breweries enrolled in the pilot program with receive waived services fees for the first two years and a discount of 30% for the lifetime of the product. We will work closely with you to cater our technology to your businesses needs. For a free consultation, contact us via our contact link below.

This tech seems too good to be true... it could be a game-changer for us.
— Donald Cramb, Head Brewer and Co-owner at Steel Bonnet Brewing Company

Additional Applications

The NuTree is a versatile system that can reach neglected areas in all major sectors.

From a bustling city to a cattle farm, if you have one NuTree or twenty, they will look like they belong.


How Can the NuTree Do So Much?

We use nature's machinery to clean water just as efficiently and with more perks than conventional options.

The NuTree cleans and recycles wastewater combining complementary technologies that use natural methods, like the symbiotic relationship between wetland microbes and plants, to clean dirty water, transform waste into nutrients, and make energy. These base technologies have been used to treat water from agriculture, municipalities, desalination, coal mine remediation, and beyond.

Seeing wastewater through nature’s lens is a revolutionary step that brings us closer to a zero waste society.





Off-Grid and Rural Living

Rural residents often rely on septic tanks (which don’t actually treat wastewater), or no treatment system at all. The NuTree is price-competitive with septic tanks with effective treatment and recycled resources. Whether it’s an individual who has chosen to live off grid or a community in a developing nation, the NuTree can provide a local source of essential resources.





Urban Farming and Landscaping


Crowded, rapidly growing cities can be laden with logistical challenges when it comes recycling waste and providing food and water to their people.  NuTrees can help cities blaze a trail towards sustainability without demanding large investments in space or training for treatment workers. They can add some much needed greenery to areas where space is a concern, but growth is always on the horizon.


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