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We empower communities by engineering products that provide the daily needs of societies - local water, energy, and food - from recycled wastewater.



Creating a circular bio-economy free of waste or poverty; fostering the interconnectivity of nature, technology, and humanity both socially and economically.

Our History

NuLeaf formed in July 2015 when our CEO brought the idea of bridging bioinspired design and sustainable technology to NASA Ames. Meant to be a 3 month summer project, things changed when over 150 people from all over Silicon Valley applied to be a part of the team. From there, we became an independent DIY biomimetic group.


Over time our focus shifted to resource independence. We became a start up in early 2017 when we realized our approach was unique and had widespread uses. Since then, we were accepted to and graduated from the RebelBio accelerator program in Ireland. We came back with a global network, a sharper business plan, data from first system - and more.

Current Status

We’re back in the Silicon Valley and ready to start construction on the first NuTree. Networking and building our local network and find breweries that are interested in a pilot system. We are also currently fundraising and also prepping for a kickstarter that will take place in early 2018.