NuLeaf began as makers tinkering with biotech to create cleantech solutions. As California natives, we have seen firsthand the impact of drought and water scarcity and this greatly influenced our work. We became entrepreneurs when we grew tired of waiting for the world’s wastewater problems to solve themselves. Today we build technology that enriches the lives of regular people everywhere through water-smart resource management.


Our Mission

Empowering communities and individuals to treat and recycle their own water using nature’s methods.

Our Vision

A global community of individuals, industries, and nature that turns water conflict into resource innovation.


NuLeaf got our start at the NASA Ames Research Centre in Mountain View, California. In 2015 we brought them our idea of bridging bio-inspired design and clean tech to create nature-inspired solutions for resource scarcity.

As more and more people started to contact us, it became clear that we were on to something big. We outgrew our project at NASA and in 2016 NuLeaf became a makerspace for youth environmentalists and biomimetics.

In 2017 NuLeaf incorporated, ready to bring our solutions to the world. We participated in the SOSV RebelBio accelerator program where we built our first aquaponics system at University College in Cork Ireland.

Since then, NuLeaf has built and tested our first NuTree system for wastewater treatment as well as our NuTree Garden system designed for at home urban farming.

We are currently working with high-water industries like breweries as well as local municipalities to provide an alternatives to septic tanks and other water issues. We are also launching our NuTree garden system for an easy at-home urban farming system.