NuTree Family of Products

The NuTree family of products use naturally occurring plants and microbes to transform wastewater into nutrient-rich, reusable water. Our units are modular and customizable in size and application to fit our customers’ needs.


Whether you are living in a city and hoping to grow your own sustainable garden, or running a business and trying to get the most out of your wastewater: The nutrient recycling technology in our NuTree systems can help! We bring the quest for resource independence into the future and into your home or business.






Home Garden System

Starting a home garden can be a fun and frugal way to invest in your health and resource independence. But it can be hard to know where to start. Maybe you live in an apartment building with limited space, or maybe you just don’t know a lick about gardening. Fear not, the NuTree Garden is here to help!


NuTree Garden combines aquaponics and vertical farming into an intuitive system that’s easy to assemble and even easier to use! We have used all natural processes to develop this recirculating, water-smart gardening unit to bring you all the benefits of a home garden with none of the headaches. Once your Garden is set up, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your delicious greens to grow!

Starting at $600

**We are currently taking pre-sale orders for our garden units, if you are interested in purchasing a pre-sale unit for a $100 discount, follow the link below and send us a message through our contact form


  • 2x2x2.5’

  • Easy-to-assemble DIY System

  • Perfect for At-Home Use in Urban Areas

  • No Gardening Experience Needed

  • Water-Smart, Recirculating System

  • Minimal Upkeep


Take Control of Your Water

And Turn waste into a resource

Water scarcity is a problem that affects more than 2 billion people worldwide. Here in the United States our municipal treatment plants are over-stressed and under-funded, and the only small-scale solutions for individuals and small businesses are septic systems (that don’t even treat water!) Until now…


Our NuTree Wastewater Recycling Systems replace ineffectual, hard to maintain septic tanks with regenerative, natural technology that treats and recycles wastewater with no fuss and little maintenance. The NuTree System can be used by itself or expanded to work in a series to treat wastewater at any scale; perfect for rural communities, off-grid living, and the developing world.

NuTree For Breweries

Save water. Brew More

As avid home-brewers and lovers of craft beer, we created the NuTree Wastewater Recycling System with breweries in mind. Brewing creates large amounts of expensive-to-treat wastewater that can account for as much as 15% of a breweries’ operating expenses. The majority of US breweries (over 80%) are small to mid-sized breweries that lack the space and finances for available on site treatment. Water costs can cut into 30% of profits for these breweries, hindering their growth in a competitive industry.


NuLeaf’s nutrient-recycling treatment removes over 99% of contaminants. In some places NuTrees can have an ROI of less than a year and are cheap and easy to expand! Recycled resources cut down on overhead, and expandable systems turn wastewater challenges into an opportunity for growth.

Follow the link below to contact us about joining our Pilot Program and start saving on wastewater at your brewery today!

System SPecifications

  • Single Unit: 6x6x6’

  • Modular System: Recycle at Any Scale!

  • Removes 99% of Contaminants


Designed to Fit Your Needs

and your budget

Don’t see what you are looking for? Feel free to reach out! The versatile nature of the NuTree technology makes our systems perfect for a variety of applications: from creating green office spaces to large scale aquaponics setups.


Contact our team and we will be happy to design a system tailored specifically to your needs, with flexible sizing and pricing, and custom aesthetic design.

Set up an appointment to discuss your custom Nutree