Our team is a group of hard-working scientists, makers, and entrepreneurs committed to creating concrete steps for mediating climate change. We have a wealth of experience building aquaponics systems and working in the wastewater field that helps us create these solutions.

More than anything else, our team is steadfast in the belief that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.*  


Rachel Major


Rachel has degrees in biology, chemistry, and management and is an avid tinkerer and writer. She’s dedicated to creating practical, scalable solutions for a circular economy through the creative combination of bioengineering and do-it-yourself tech.


Jimi T Hardee

VIce pResident of operations

Jimi has a background in business management and computer science. His interests include programming and emerging technologies. Jimi is passionate about turning good ideas into working businesses so we can work find creative solutions to complex, global issues.


Ari Ochoa


Ari studied biology with a particular interested in biochemistry and is a self-taught microbiologist.  He is interested in the sustainable distribution and equitable management of essential resources by channeling the makers' mentality.


Kendall Miller

copywriter/community manager

Kendall is an accomplished copywriter and devoted social media manager whose poise and compassion help her to build and maintain meaningful relationships in business and in life. She is a devoted environmentalist who believes in doing work that will help people live better lives.

*Margaret Mead: Paraphrased